High-Pressure Die Casting

DyCast Specialties is one of the industry’s leading zinc and aluminum high pressure die casting companies. All areas of our process are brought to the highest degrees of accuracy with state-of-the-art technology and methodology.

Every product DyCast Specialties produces is inspected and triple-checked for quality assurance – giving customers the peace of mind that they are receiving a reliable and durable product. DyCast Specialties guarantees customer satisfaction at every level with fast turnarounds and competitive pricing.

What is high-pressure die casting?

High-pressure die casting is a process where molten metal is forced into a mold cavity at very high pressure until the metal becomes solid. This process often produces high-volume and complex parts and offers several benefits. 

  • It is a cost-effective and reliable method for making intricate parts that require a high degree of precision.
  • Parts made with this process are strong, durable, and have excellent dimensional accuracy.
  • The process can be automated, which reduces labor costs.
  • This process allows for more accuracy and detail than other die-casting methods.

Types of high-pressure die casting

There are two types of high-pressure die casting, hot-chamber and cold-chamber. The process of casting metal depends on the desired part qualities and the characteristics of the material.

Hot chamber process

Hot chamber die casting is used to cast metals with low melting points, such as zinc and other light alloys. The molten metal is forced into a mold cavity using a plunger during this process. Then, the molten metal is allowed to cool and harden, creating the finished part.

Cold chamber process

A cold chamber die casting system features a cold chamber machine and its hot chamber counterparts, which utilize an automated injection system to melt and introduce the metal working medium into the cold chamber. This highly reliable process offers a range of benefits, such as consistent quality, greater accuracy, cost efficiency, faster cycle times, and improved operator safety.

Applications of high pressure die casting

High-pressure zinc die casting is essential for a wide variety of industries and applications, such as the following:

  • Appliances: Parts and components of a device need an accurate and robust cast.
  • Automotive: Car parts, such as steering wheel hubs and engine blocks, are made through high-pressure die casting.
  • Electronics: Complex parts, such as circuit boards and connectors, can be made with high-pressure die casting.
  • Medical: Devices and instruments used in medical applications are often created with high-pressure die casting.
  • Military: High-pressure die casting is frequently used to produce military components, such as gun parts and ammunition shells.

High pressure die casting at DyCast

At DyCast Specialties, we strive to provide high quality, high pressure aluminum and zinc die casting services. We use the highest-grade materials and techniques to ensure our products meet the highest levels of accuracy and precision with a team of experienced engineers and technicians dedicated to ensuring your project is completed successfully and with the highest level of customer service. Contact us to learn how we can help you with your die casting needs.