High-Quality Die Casting Services From DyCast

DyCast Specialties Corp. is a leading provider of custom technical die casting services. We serve commercial and industrial clients with high-quality aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, and more. Our solutions provide one-stop shopping for any die casting project. Read on to learn about our die casting company, our commitment to quality, and how we can support your next project.

About Us

DyCast Specialties Corp. prioritizes high-quality service and product design. We have built our domestic operations to serve clients across multiple industries with quality dies and components. Our team of expert technicians and engineers can provide die cast manufacturing services for your project, including:

  • Engineering support. We’re here to support your project during every stage of production, including initial design and testing. We have the equipment and expertise to help you identify or develop parts at any level of complexity.
  • Secondary services. We provide a variety of value-added capabilities beyond die casting, including machining, deburring, and finishing with state-of-the-art CNC machinery.
  • Finishing services. Our team can manage annealing, metal finishing, machining, coating, assembly, and more as part of our complete turnkey solutions for your die casting project.
  • RoHS-compliant services. Our coating and metal treating processes provide certified protections on electrical components, ensuring they comply with the European Union’s RoHS standards.
  • In-house inspections. As part of our commitment to quality, we have robust in-house quality assurance programs. Our inspection equipment includes Brown & Sharpe Global DCCM, PC-DMIS software, and a Mitutoyo BH305 coordinate measuring machine for comprehensive insight and documentation.

Our Facilities

DyCast Specialties Corp. operates a 30,000-square-foot production facility on State Highway 28 in Starbuck, Minnesota. Our team of engineers and technical experts design, die cast, and finish metal parts for customers in a broad spectrum of industries. 

We have 10 die casting machines that can handle between seven and 725 tons of aluminum or zinc for hot or cold processing. Our Starbuck facility also houses six aluminum cold chamber machines and five zinc hot chamber machines.

The DyCast Difference

We work with companies across the country and all over the world to produce high-quality aluminum and zinc die-cast parts for commercial goods, industrial equipment, infrastructure and architecture, consumer goods, and more. When you work with DyCast Specialties Corp., a premier die casting manufacturing and supplier, we help you to serve your market more efficiently with reliable goods, fast order fulfillment, and a brand reputation of assemblies that don’t quit.

One of the key tenets of the DyCast Difference is our commitment to quality. We manage all of our production services in-house and have a robust quality management program so every good we make has our stamp of approval. When you choose to partner with DyCast, we also provide:

  • Engineering support and consultations. Our engineering team will help you optimize your design for compatibility with the die casting process.
  • Fast customer service. DyCast prioritizes superior customer service in every interaction, offering transparent communication and quick responses to questions.
  • Technical quality. We use state-of-the-art CNC machinery and continuously train our staff in the latest techniques and technological developments, ensuring we always offer top-tier engineering, design, and production support.
  • Cost-effective convenience. Because we’re an all-in-one service provider, you don’t have to manage multiple vendors that create unnecessary complexity in your supply chain. We will manufacture, machine, finish, and assemble your die-cast products all in one location.

Technical Die Casting With DyCast

Our full-service capabilities and adherence to high-quality standards set us apart from the competition. Reach out for more information about our die casting, design assistance, precision machining, metal finish options, and more, or request a quote to start your order. We’re here to help with your next aluminum or zinc die-cast project.