Zinc Die Casting

DyCast Specialties Corporation has been providing our customers with the very best in excellence in zinc die castings. As a hands-on family-owned company, we have always provided our customers with a one-on-one relationship and a willingness to go that extra mile. It is this level of responsive, personalized service and support that has always set DyCast Specialties apart from our competitors. That's how we've done business since the beginning.

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PDF Comparison of casting alloys and other materials (PDF - 659KB)

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Die Cast Alloys
Zinc - Hvbrid: ZA-8, ZA-27
Zinc - Std: Zamak #3, Zamak #5, Zamak #7
Die Cast Cells
Zinc - Hiqh Pressure
(3) - 187 Ton Zinc Hot Chamber
(1) - 125 Ton Zinc Hot Chamber
(4) - 7 Ton Zinc Hot Chamber
+/- 0.001
Maximum Weight
4.5 Pound
Tooling Construction
All molds are constructed from Premium H-13 tool steel and are heat treated to 46-48 R/C.
Tooling, molds & dies are produced through Dycast Specialties' in-house tooling department, out-sourced tooling vendors, and overseas vendors.
Mold Longevity
Up to 1,500,000 shots
Tooling concept
10" x 12" Standard DME Unit Dies
12" x 15" Standard DME Unit Dies
2" x 2" House Insert Sets
3" x 4.5" House Insert Sets
4.5" x 7" House Insert Sets
8" x 10" Standard DME Unit Dies
Standard Cavity Retainer Sets
Equipment List
Trim Press Cells :
  • 3-6 ton Trim Press
  • 1-20 ton Trim Press
  • 1-35 ton Trim Press
  • 10 - 8 ton Trim Press
  • 2-10 ton Trim Press
CNC Machining
Machining Centers :
  • 3 - CNC Vertical milling center with pallet changer
  • 3 - CNC Vertical milling machine
Machine fixtures and CNC centers capable of producing tolerances of +/- . 00025
Tumble Deburring:
  • Commercial type hardware finish.
  • Utilizes a part on part barrel action to polish the casting surface, remove flash, and reduce sharp edges.
Vibratory Finishing:
  • Premium visual cosmetics
  • Utilizes plastic and ceramic medias to polish the casting surface and reduce sharp edges.
Additional Process
Black Zinc Chromate
Bright Nickel Plating
Bright Zinc Chromate
Chromate Conversion
Clear Anodizing
Electroless Nickel *(Barrel Plating)
Electroless Nickel *(Rack Plating)
Liquid Paint
Pad Printing
Powder Coat Paint
Shot Bead Blasting
Yellow Zinc Chromate

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